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EE4414 Multimedia Communication System II, Fall 2005, Yao Wang Homework 5 Solution (Motion estimation for video coding) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Describe the major steps of EBMA algorithms with integer-pel accuracy, either in the form of a pseudo C-code, or matlab code, or flow graph. Pseudo code in MATLAB style: %frame size: fheight,fwidth %block size: bheight, bwidth %search range: hsrange, vsrange %vMV_field, hMV_field: store the vertical and horizontal MVs MV_field_height=floor(fheight/bheight); MV_field_width=floor(fwidth/bwidth); vMV_field=zeros(MV_field_height,MV_field_width); hMV_field=zeros(MV_field_height,MV_field_width); MAX_SAD=255*bheight*bwidth; %for every block in the anchor frame, left corner at (r,c) for (r=1:bheight:fheight) for (c=1:bwidth:fwidth) %initialize SAD_min=MAX_SAD;vMV=0,hMV=0; anchor_block=anchor_frame(r:r+bheight-1,c:c+bwidth-1); %for every candidate_block_position_in_search_range, %left corner at (sr,sc) %increment by 1 pixel to left or down for (sr=r-vsrange:1:r+vsrange) for (sc=c-hsrange:1:c+hsrange) candidate_block= target_frame(sr:1:sr+bheight-1,sc:1:sc+bwidth-1); SAD=calculate_SAD(anchor_block,candidate_block); if SAD<SAD_min SAD_min=SAD; vMV=sr-r; hMV=sc-c; end; end; end; blk_r=floor(r/bheight);blk_c=floor(c/bwidth); vMV_field(blk_r,blk_c)=vMV; hMV_field(blk_r,blk_c)=hMV; predicted_frame(r:r+bheight-1,c:c+bwidth-1)=candidate_block; end;
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end; 2. For a video of 30 frame/second, 352x288/frame, what is the number of operations needed per second to accomplish EBMA if we use block size of 16x16, search range of –16 to 16? (count
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HW5_solution - EE4414 Multimedia Communication System II,...

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