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Polytechnic University, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering EE4414 Multimedia Communication System II Fall 2005, Yao Wang ___________________________________________________________________________________ Homework 7 (Digital Television) Reading Assignment: Lecture slides D. Sparano, “What is exactly 8-VSB anyway?”, http://www.broadcast.net/~sbe1/8vsb/8vsb.htm (hardcopy distributed at class) J. H. Stott, “The how and why of COFDM”, http://www.ebu.ch/en/technical/trev/trev_278-stott.pdf (hardcopy distributed at class) Review questions (Quiz based on selected problems on 11/8) 1. Describe the two possible alternatives (compatible vs. simulcast) for migrating from analog TV system to an advanced television system. What are the pros and cons of each? What make the non-compatible all-digital approach win over other options? 2. Describe the major components in the US DTV system. What are the audio and video formats supported? What are the audio and video coding standards used? What channel coding and modulation techniques are used?
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