6093outline - Advances Database Systems (CS6093) (Topics...

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Unformatted text preview: Advances Database Systems (CS6093) (Topics for the Web) Computer Science and Engineering Polytechnic Institute of NYU Spring 2011 1 Instructors Dr. Fernando Diaz (Yahoo! Research), { lastnamefirstinitial } @yahoo-inc.com Dr. Cong Yu (Google Research), { fullname } @google.com 2 Course Information Brief Description: This course covers a variety of advanced database topics. In this semester, we will focus on topics that are closely related to information retrieval and management on the Web. Specifically, we will study the following main topics: information retrieval ranking and evaluation (IRR and IRE), personalized information retrieval (IRP), structured search and information extraction (SS and IE), and web data mining (DM). We will also briefly touch upon a recent topic on human computation (HC). Prerequisite: CS6083 or CS308 or an equivalent first course on database systems. The course will assume familiarity with basic algorithm concepts such as data structures and algorithm complexity, and basic database and information...
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2012 for the course CS 6093 taught by Professor Diaz during the Spring '11 term at NYU Poly.

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6093outline - Advances Database Systems (CS6093) (Topics...

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