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1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn Fall’ 10 EL512 --- DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING Yao Wang Midterm Exam, Fall 2010 Closed book, 1 sheet of notes (double sided) allowed. No peeking into neighbors or unauthorized notes. Cheating will result in getting an F on the course. Make sure you write your name and ID on the cover and blue book. Write your answer in the blue book (also on the problem sheet when space are provided on the problem sheet). 1. (15 pt) Suppose you are given a full color RGB image where each color component is represented by 8 bits. We would like to quantize the color values so that each pixel is represented by 11 bits only for all color components. Instead of quantizing R,G,B separately, given that we know the human eye is more sensitive to the luminance component than to the chrominance, we can convert the RGB values to YCbCr values and quantize the Y component to 5 bits, and Cb and Cr each to 3 bits. The RGB to YCbCr conversion is given below. Suppose a pixel has R,G,B values of R=120, G=210, B=60. a) What is the Y,Cb,Cr values before quantization, b) what are the quantized Y,Cb,Cr values? c) What are the corresponding quantized RGB values? You should use uniform quantizers in the range of 0-256, for quantizing Y,Cb,Cr values. 2.
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midterm2010 - Department of Electrical Engineering...

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