HW3 - the flowrates they get In 4.69 there is a typo when...

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CBE2124 – Analysis of Chemical and Biological Processes Homework No. 3 1. Problem 4.6 2. Problem 4.7 3. Problem 4.23 4. Problem 4.29 5. Problem 4.38 6. Problem 4.56 7. Problem 4.62 8. Problem 4.69 Problem solutions will be distributed separately. NOTES on the HW solutions: In 4.7, butanol instead of hexanol is mentioned, but otherwise things seem OK. In 4.62, the solutions assume a fresh feed rate of 40000 instead of the 60000 given in the text. However, you can still check your answers by rescaling
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Unformatted text preview: the flowrates they get. In 4.69, there is a typo when the n 4 flowrate is calculated, as it is referred to as n 3 . In general, the solutions only loosely follow the idea of performing a degree of freedom analysis; rather, they tend to launch directly into calculations. Regardless, please note that I still expect you to know how to do the DOF analysis (like we did in the class examples)....
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