ast 1022 syllabus - AST 1022L Astronomy Laboratory Fall...

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AST 1022L: Astronomy Laboratory Fall 2011 Section 0467: Tuesday 12:50-2:45 pm Section 0473: Thursday 12:50-2:45 pm Instructor: Kelsey Jorgenson 319 Bryant Space Science Center [email protected] (352) 294-1857 Office hours: Tues 11:40-12:40 pm, Wed 1:30-2:30 pm, or by appointment Teaching Lab Director: Dr. Francisco Reyes 12 Bryant Space Science Center [email protected] (352) 294-1885 Course Website: Course Objectives and Goals: AST-1022L Astronomy Laboratory counts for one (1) credit of Physical Science (P) towards the General Education requirement. It introduces students to the scientific method as applied to the field of astronomy. The students are introduced to the process of making astronomical observations, quantitatively analyzing those observations, extracting information about astronomical bodies such as the Sun, Moon, planets, stars nebulae, and galaxies, and understanding the basic physical processes that take place in these bodies. The students will also be introduced to the process of writing a report on an experiment, communicating the details, results and conclusions to a reader not necessarily familiar with the experiment. Course Meeting Times and Locations: AST 1022L Astronomy Laboratory consists of 13 daytime labs and 3 mandatory night labs. Daytime labs will be conducted during the scheduled class period (detailed above) in Bryant room 7. The night labs with take place at the Campus Teaching Observatory (CTO); the dates and times for the night labs will be announced within the first couple weeks of classes. You might want to find it in the daytime before the first lab to be sure, since absence due to not being able to find CTO will not be excused. A map to the CTO can be found at . If you need assistance finding your way, the observatory phone number is (352) 392-1016. Night labs depend on the weather. If a night lab needs to be canceled I will send an email message no later than 7pm on the night of the lab. If you do not get a message, you should come to the CTO at the scheduled time for the lab unless there is bad weather, or a thunderstorm or tornado watch or warning.
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ast 1022 syllabus - AST 1022L Astronomy Laboratory Fall...

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