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lab report guidelines - Guide to Lab Reports AST-1022L...

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Guide to Lab Reports AST-1022L Adapted from Mark Keremedjiev's “How to Write a Lab Report” As you can see from the syllabus, these lab reports are pretty important. If you look at the way science is done, it is the papers that live on. They provide a concrete and (hopefully) objective analysis of an idea/experiment. In this class, you will write lab your reports in a layout similar to the format used in professional astronomical research. These lab reports are designed to highlight the importance of the method applied, not just the findings. In general, write in a professional and academic manner to an informed and knowledgeable audience, but one that is not necessarily familiar with the experiment. Pretend that you are a professional astronomer who has done this experiment for the first time ever and are sharing you results with your colleagues. From your report your reader should be able not only evaluate your work, but also duplicate the experiment, without needing their own copy of the lab manual. All lab reports must be typed, stapled and finished by the beginning of class the week following the experiment. All reports must also have 1 inch margins and be typed with 12 point font, using Times New Roman. As the semester progresses, grading on the labs will become more strenuous as you are expected to get better at the process. Not only do lab reports provide you with skills suited for presentation of findings in all careers, they also hone your understanding of the
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lab report guidelines - Guide to Lab Reports AST-1022L...

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