Photo_Camera_Worksheet - example of each cluster. (You may...

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Name: Lab Partners: Grade: Section I: Electronic Camera 1: What does CCD stand for? What is a pixel? 2: What are some of the advantages of CCDs? What about their disadvantages? 3: What is Photometry? What is Astrometry? 4: What is a Dark Frame? 1
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Name: 5: Attach the data tables (found in the manual) from your experiment and answer the following questions: What were the averages of the magnitudes you observed for each star? What was the average separation of your stars from the reference star? Section II: Photometry of a Star Cluster 6: What s a star cluster? 7: Name two differences between an open cluster and a globular cluster. Give an
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Unformatted text preview: example of each cluster. (You may need to look online!) 8: Sketch a model Hertzsprung–Russell (H-R) diagram below. 2 AST 1022 Photometry & Electronic Camera Worksheet Name: 9: By plotting an H-R diagram for a cluster, what are some of the things we can learn? 10: Make sure your data sheet is attached! 11: Plot you relative % error as a function of magnitude in the space below. 12: How does the star's magnitude effect the accuracy of the measurement? 13: List at least 3 sources of error in this experiment. Keep in mind that the image of the star cluster was taken with a real instrument in the Feld. 3...
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Photo_Camera_Worksheet - example of each cluster. (You may...

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