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Department Of Material Science and Engineering, University Of California, Los Angeles MSE120: Physics Of Materials Winter 2012 Prof. Yang Yang 2121C, Eng. V; ext: 54052 Boelter 5280 [email protected] Course Description This is an introductory level course concerning the electronic properties of solid materials. Emphasis will be placed on describing the behavior of electrons in solids and using this information to develop an understanding of the electrical, optical and magnetic properties of materials. For up to the minute information on the course and latest announcements, please visit: hhtp://courseweb.seas.ucla.edu You need a seasnet account to log in. Textbooks L. Solymar and D. Walsh, Lectures on the Electrical Properties of Materials (Oxford University Press) Grading The course grade will be based on a mid-term exam (20%), two quizzes (10% each), in class participation (10%), a written term paper project without oral presentation (10%), 4 Homework assignments (total 15%) and a final exam (25%). Additional suggested homework problems will be
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Unformatted text preview: assigned during the quarter but will not be collected or graded. You are strongly urged to work out every homework assignment by yourselves first, before comparing to the solutions posted on the course-web. Date Sequence Contents 1/10 1 (wk1) Intro + particle nature of electrons 1/12 2 (wk1) Particle/wave nature of electrons 1/17 3 (wk2) Schrődinger Equation 1/19 4 (wk2) H-atom and bonds 1/24 5 (wk3) Quiz 1 , Free electron model-I 1/26 6 (wk3) Free electron model applications 1/31 7 (wk4) Energy bands in solids 2/2 8 (wk4) Energy bands in solids 2/7 9 (wk5) Semiconductor fundamentals 2/9 10 (wk5) Mid-Term 1 2/14 11 (wk6) Semiconductor fundamentals 2/16 12 (wk6) Semiconductor fundamentals 2/21 13 (wk7) Principal Of semiconductor devices 2/23 14 (wk7) Principal Of semiconductor devices 2/28 15 (wk8) Quiz-2 , 3/1 16 (wk8) Dielectric materials 3/6 17 (wk9) Dielectric materials 3/8 18 (wk9) Magnetic materials 3/13 19 (wk10) Magnetic materials 3/15 20 (wk10) Final review MSE 120 Course Flow Chart Yang Yang...
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This note was uploaded on 01/20/2012 for the course MAT SCI 120 taught by Professor Yangyang during the Winter '11 term at UCLA.

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handout_MSE120_for_2012_Winter - assigned during the...

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