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Department of Materials Science and Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Science University of California, Los Angeles Principles of Electronic Materials Processing MSE 122 Winter 2012 Professor Mark S. Goorsky 3121G Engineering V [email protected] 206-0267 Course Description This course addresses materials and fabrication principles related to semiconductor processing. The preparation of silicon, III-V compounds, and dielectric thin films will be described. We shall focus on bulk growth, epitaxial deposition techniques, oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation, and standard device fabrication sequences. These topics will emphasize the materials science principles in electronic materials processing Course Grade Distribution
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Unformatted text preview: The course shall be graded as follows: Final Exam (30 %) Mid-Term Exam (25 %) Term Paper (20 %) [Choose from topics in separate handout.] Homework Problems (25%) [Homework will consist of ~ bi-weekly assignments.] Reading Material VLSI FABRICATION PRINCIPLES (2ND), by S.K. Ghandhi Handouts Subjects (in approximate order of course presentation, G# refers to the chapter in Ghandhi) Historical and scientific background (G1, handouts) Phase Diagrams, Structure and Electronic Properties (G2) Bulk Crystal Growth (G3) Impurities and Diffusion (G4) Implantation (G6) Oxidation (G7) Epitaxy (Physical Deposition) (G5) Epitaxy (Chemical Deposition) (G5) Lithography, Metallization, and Device Fabrication (G10,G11)...
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