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Growth and Processing of Electronic Materials Department of Materials Science and Engineering 222 Spring 2011 2178 Bunche MW 2-4 p.m. Professor Dwight Streit Phone: 1.310.825.7011 Office: E5/2121D Office Hours MW 4-5 p.m. MSE 222 covers advanced topics in the synthesis of electronic materials with particular emphasis on bulk and epitaxial materials, including heterostructures and superlattices, and the thermodynamics and kinetics associated with their growth. Also covered are process methods required to fabricate devices and end products, including ion implantation, dopant diffusion, oxidation, and lithography. Additional topics include organic LED and touch-screen displays, graphene, quantum-dot solar cells and lasers. Prerequisites MSE 120: Physics of materials, band theory, Schrodinger equation, crystal structure. MSE 130: Phase relations in solids, thermodynamics, mass action, phase diagrams.
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