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Department of Materials Science and Engineering The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science University of California, Los Angeles Materials Science and Engineering 161L Laboratory in Ceramics Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Esther Lan TA: Chilan Ngo 2121-L Engineering V, (310) 825-5912 1127 Engineering V Office Hours by appointment Lab: Wed 9:00am ~ 12:50pm 1010 Engineering V C OURSE O UTLINE Experiment I. Glasses via Sol-Gel vs. Traditional Melting Processes (Weeks 2,3,4) a. Preparation of silica glasses via sol-gel process. b. Preparation of vanadium phosphate glasses via melting process. c. Characterization of materials: density, porosity, electrical properties, etc. Individual lab report #1 due in class 4/27/11 (Wednesday, Week 5) Experiment II. Ceramic Tiles by Slip Casting (Weeks 5,6) a. Preparation of tiles by slip casting: slip preparation, drying, sintering.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Characterization of materials: density, porosity, mechanical properties. Begin Experiment III Optional: Tile decoration (painting). Individual lab report #2 due in class 5/11/11 (Wednesday, Week 7) Experiment III. Powder Processing, Pressing, and Sintering (Weeks [6],7,8,9) a. Preparation of superconductor ceramic by powder processing, pressing, and sintering. b. Preparation of metal-ceramic composite by powder processing, pressing and sintering. c. Characterization of materials: density, electrical properties, hardness. Individual lab report #3 due in class 6/1/11 (Wednesday, Week 10) Group Project : 6/1/11 (Week 10) a. Formal research proposal on a new ceramic material b. Powerpoint oral presentation (summarizing proposal) Oral presentations (15-20 min per group) during class. Written group proposal due Friday 6/3/11....
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