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MS132_S2011 Ono - MS 132 Spring 2011 Structure and...

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MS 132 Spring 2011 Structure and Properties of Metallic Alloys Prof. Kanji Ono: THE COURSE OBJECTIVE is to integrate the materials knowledge on metals of graduating UCLA engineers so that they can be effective engineers with basic understanding of alloys. Toward this end, all the relevant issues will be reviewed comprehensively in lectures and advanced topics will be introduced through students’ research/presentations. After mastering the topics in this class, you should be able to relate alloy microstructures to phase diagrams and to their performance in real-world applications. TEXTBOOK is not used, but Callister’s book (4th, or later eds.) will be referenced and reading assigned. Selected articles will be given for reading and detailed study. Week Topics Fundamental: 1. Mechanical Behavior: Tension/Compression, Strengthening Methods, Fracture, Fatigue, CW/Recrystallization 2. Mechanical Behavior; Corrosion, SCC Q-1 3. Al and Cu Alloys Q-2 4. Al and Cu Alloys (presentation 1) Phase Transformation: eutectoid, martensitic 5. TTT, CT diagrams, alloying effects, Q-3 6. Fe Alloys
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MS132_S2011 Ono - MS 132 Spring 2011 Structure and...

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