Syllabus mse 252 Fall 2011

Syllabus mse 252 Fall 2011 - polydiacetylenes 7...

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MSE 252 - ORGANIC POLYMER ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Instructors: Q. Pei Prerequisites: No Content: An introduction to organic electronic materials with an emphasis on material chemistry, processing, and solid state devices. Topics include conjugated polymers; heavily doped, conducting polymers; electrochemical properties; Synthesis of semiconducting polymers. In depth discussion of organic thin-film transistors, light emitting diodes, and solar cells. Overview of the emerging field of organic electronics. Part A. π -Conjugation & conducting polymers 1. Course introduction; p -electron conjugation, charge carriers and transport 2. Conducting polymers: heavy doping for high conductivity, and processability 3. Electrochemical properties of conducting polymers 4. Electrochemical devices 5. Conducting polymers for transparent electrodes and sensors Part B. Synthesis and molecular structures 6. Introduction to polymer chemistry and microstructure; Polyacetylenes and
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Unformatted text preview: polydiacetylenes 7. Polyphenylenes; Polyfluorenes; Fused aromatics 8. Poly(phenylene vinylene)s; Polythiophenes; 9. Regioregular polythiophenes; Conjugated polymers containing N and Si 10.Electropolymerization; Conjugated small molecules Part C. Semiconductor properties and devices 11 Thin film transistors (OFET); High mobility molecules and polymers 12 Light emitting diodes (OLED) 13 p-i-n junction for electroluminescence 14 Energy transfer and electrophosphorescence 15 Organic photovoltaics (OPV) 16 Polymers and small molecules for OPV 17 OLED displays and solid state lighting 18 Organic TFT and Electronic papers; Review for final Grading: 3 Homeworks: 10% Mid-term 1: (10/19) 25% Mid-term 2: (11/9) 25% Final: 40% Reading materials: No textbook. Handouts, class notes, and reading materials assigned for each lecture. Office hours: Mon: 4:00-5:30PM, Engineering V Bldg, Room 3121H [email protected] Phone 310-825-4217...
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Syllabus mse 252 Fall 2011 - polydiacetylenes 7...

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