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BE 10 Report Guideline Format Fonts: 11 point Arial Page: Double line spacing, 1” margins all around, single sided Length: 9-10 pages, including tables and images (excluding references) References: Authors, Title of paper, Journal name, Year; Number, Issue, Pages Example: Arndorfer RC, Stef JJ, Dodds WJ, Linehan JH, Hogan WJ. Improved infusion system for intraluminal esophageal manometry. Gastroenterology 1977; 73(1): 23-27 Assignment Please focus on one specific FDA approved medical device from one manufacturer (device, material, not drug unless it is designed by bioengineering principles) relating generally any biomedical engineering fields. For each report, you will need to do a proper literature search, and describe the technical merits, advantages and disadvantages, clinical performance, and negative clinical effects for your chosen product. Please organize the information into following sections: Sections: Executive Summary (< 500 words) – this section is Due 11/15/2010 Clinical Problem (i.e. what is the disease? include relevance, statistics)
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