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Biopolymer Chemistry and Bioconjugates Bioengr M105/ Biomed M205 Date Day Topics Reading Assignment 1.) Introduction 9/27/10 Mon. Bioconjugation and chemical functional groups 2.) Biomolecule functional groups 9/29/10 Wed. Functional groups of proteins and their reactivity. Nucleophilicity and relation to pH/pKa Chap.1 , Sect. 1 10/4/10 Mon. Functional groups of sugars and polysaccharides and their reactivity. Functional groups of oligonucleotides and their reactivity. Chap.1 , Sect. 2 Chap.1 , Sect. 3 10/6/10 Wed. Overview of functional group chemistry 3.) Functional group formation 10/11/10 Mon. Introduction of thiols and carboxylates. 10/13/10 Wed. Introduction of amines and aldehydes Chap.1 , Sect. 4.3,4.4,4.5 10/18/10 10/20/10* Mon. Wed. 1 st Midterm exam Functional group protection (blocking). Permanent, cleavable, and orthogonal protection.
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