hw5 - Problem 7 How does DVMRP (RFC 1075) allow...

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CS 217A: Homework 5 Due on Feb 17, 2011 Lixia Zhang
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CS 217A (Lixia Zhang ): Homework 5 Problem 1 Problem 1 When OSPF finds that several routes have the same cost, how does it choose which route to send data over? Problem 2 If a packet is sent through an OSPF network and it matches 2 network numbers, how does OSPF decide which network to deliver it to? Problem 3 What prompts a KillNbr message in OSPF, and what are the 4 actions taken because of this? Problem 4 In IGMPv3, if a General Query is received at time t 0 and a delay of d is selected for a response, but a previous General Query response is scheduled for t 1 ; where t 0 + d < t 1 . What will happen? Problem 5 Why must a multicast router query for other members of a group after a group membership is terminated? Problem 6 How many queriers does IGMPv3 elect for a subnet? Is this the same as IGMPv2?
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 7 How does DVMRP (RFC 1075) allow destinations to set the value of innity? Can this value be 0 (why or why not)? Problem 8 In DVMRP, what is the role of the non-membership report command? What does the hold-down time indicate? Problem 9 In DVMRP, what are the 4 elements that uniquely identify a tunnel at each destination? Which elements (if any) must be the same on both sides of the tunnel? Page 1 of 2 CS 217A (Lixia Zhang ): Homework 5 Problem 10 Problem 10 In DVMRP, routing messages are sent via a multicast type connection (a specic multicast address). If a router has an interface on a network that does not support multicast, how should those messages be sent? Does DVMRP accept routing messages over any other type connections? Page 2 of 2...
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hw5 - Problem 7 How does DVMRP (RFC 1075) allow...

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