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hw7 - CS 217A Homework 7 Due on Lixia Zhang March 6 2011 CS...

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CS 217A: Homework 7 Due on Lixia Zhang March 6, 2011
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CS 217A (Lixia Zhang March 6, 2011): Homework 7 Problem 1 Problem 1 From RFC 1034, DNS domain names are composed of labels . This allows the DNS hierarchy to let multiple “nodes” reuse the same label (such as “www”) at different points in the tree. Are there any labels that nodes are not allowed to assign to their data? If so, what are they? Problem 2 What is the difference between an “absolute” domain name and a “relative” domain name? Problem 3 When a DNS resolver queries a name server, does the case of the domain name affect the response? Further- more, if the query results in multiple RRs, should the resolver expect that they are sorted in any specific way? Problem 4 Some domain names have multiple RRs associated with them (such as multiple A RRs for webservers). What (if any) type of RR requires that no other RRs of the same name exist and why? Problem 5 From RFC 1034, after making all of the “cuts” to the DNS name space, how does one define a DNS zone? Problem 6
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