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Final Solution - ENGR 203 SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE SUMMER 2010...

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SUMMER 2010 FINAL EXAM SOLUTION Question 1 (20 pts) Overall Considerations Selection of modeling language (UML, SysML, SoaML). Specifications completed for all model elements. Operational View Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements Structural Perspective - Domain Diagram as shown in the examination problem description Behavioral Perspective: o Use Case Diagram showing primary behaviors such as Manage Data, Conduct Examination, Analyze Patient Samples, Employ Instruments, and Interact with Medical Reference Service, as well as User Role Associations. o Activity Diagrams for major behaviors such as end-to-end patient screening and Use Cases. Data Perspective – Conceptual Data Model showing Foundation Classes such as Patient Record, Instrument Data, and Report with appropriate Stereotypes, Attributes and Methods. Sevices Perspective: o Service to query Medical Reference Service and retrieve reports. o Optionally, this could be a Service-Oriented Architecture with Domain resources and functions exposed as services. Contextual Perspective: o Standards to which the mobile facility and its equipment must conform. o Laws and policies governing the operation of the facility. o Organizational and business considerations, e.g., policies established by the company that operates the facility. Logical/Functional View Structural Perspective: o Domains decomposed using Class or Block Diagrams to show design elements with relationships such as Inheritance/ Generalization, Composition, and Associations/Flows. o
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Final Solution - ENGR 203 SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE SUMMER 2010...

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