Chapter 9&13 notes - Chapter 9: Feedback Feedback:...

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Chapter 9: Feedback Feedback: Objective information about performance. 360 Degree Feedback: Comparison of anonymous feedback from one’s superior, subordinates, and peers with self perceptions. Six Common Trouble Signs for Feedback: 1) Feedback is used to punish, embarrass, or put down employees. 2) Those receiving the feedback see it as irrelevant to their work. 3) Feedback information is provided too late to do any good. 4) People receiving feedback believe it relates to matters beyond their control. 5) Employees complain about wasting too much time collecting and recording feedback data. 6) Feedback recipients complain about feedback being too complex or difficult to understand. How to Give Feedback for Coaching Purposes: 1) Focus on performance, not personalities. 2) Give specific feedback linked to learning goals and performance outcome goals. 3) Channel feedback toward key result areas for the organization. 4) Give feedback as soon as possible. 5) Give feedback to coach improvement, not just for final results. 6) Base feedback on accurate and credible information. 7) Pair feedback with clear expectations for improvement. Chapter 13: Managing Conflict and Negotiation
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Chapter 9&13 notes - Chapter 9: Feedback Feedback:...

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