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High fidelity paper guideline Rob in the movie is more likable, he is played by john cusak who usually plays sweet characters so its hard to not like him In the movie the rob character seems less self indulgent and depressed and he doesn’t go off on long tiresome tirades on his opinions of music and movies and such “briefer monologues” and you can see robs transformation/maturing better in the movie The movie is more focused all the best lines and quotes from the book are in it minus the fillers, sequence change makes a difference and ending makes the movie less anticlimactic, leaves out the whole part of awkward parent time on his bday and awkward non sex with laura at her dads funeral , adds the scene with the kids makin the band and rob startin a label gives the movie a better happy ending The book talks about weird bands and music nobody knows about, in the movie there is more popular music
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