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Shakespeare in Love Summary

Shakespeare in Love Summary - Shakespeare in Love Summary...

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Shakespeare in Love Summary The movie is basically about a young William Shakespeare having a forbidden affair with a wealthy woman named Viola de Lesseps. In the beginning of the movie Shakespeare’s boss is getting tormented by a loan shark whom he owes money to. Henslowe offers to make the loan shark a partner in the next production that Shakespeare writes called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirates Daughter even though Shakespeare has writers block and has not finished the play yet. Shakespeare holds auditions for the part of Romeo and most everybody who auditions is terrible. Then Shakespeare hears Thomas Kent, who is really Viola, and is amazed by her audition. He also recruits Ned (Ben Affleck) and his crew to play some parts in the play. He finally figures out that Viola is Thomas Kent and they begin a secret love affair because Viola has already been promised to Lord Wessex, and even though Viola doesn’t know at first Shakespeare is married himself. Their forbidden love affair gives Shakespeare the inspiration for his play which he
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