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Dialogue Exercise - Dialogue Exercise(Two Girls sitting at...

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Dialogue Exercise (Two Girls sitting at Mcallister’s talking) Girl 1: So guess who I talked to today, someone totally out of the blue… Girl 2: Who? .... Josh Turner ummm…Michael Hueszel G1: ewww No!! and it was James Turner crackhead, I talked to Ben…From the Rodeo!! G2: The baby guy!?!? G1: hahaha ya G2: That’s soo random G1: I know right it was weird he was all like you look so good blah blah blah and he showed me his kid! G2: That’s awkward G1: HAHAHA I know it was soo weird, so anyways I have a funny story G2: you always have “funny stories” oh lord G1: shutup listen…So I was watching this show about graduation and moving away from all your friends and they were all crying and shit, and at the same time I was talking to Tim like video chatting with him and I glanced over at the show and just started bawling hahaha it was
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