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Sabrina Baez ENG 386 March 8, 2011 Three More Instances Three More Race Instances… 1). Family surprising me at Toyota Triathlon. It was my second triathlon ever and my first open water swim race. I was slightly terrified because I was new to these things and I had heard that the open water swim was a bitch. It didn’t help my nerves much that I was in Dallas with my roommate’s Portuguese speaking family and didn’t have my familial support system with me. My family is very big into competitive sports and all of mine and my little brothers lives they had been at every soccer game, every swim meet, every running race we had ever had. Unfortunately my brother decided to have a soccer tournament the same weekend as my race, and in the Baez family soccer trumps everything. My roommate’s family really tried to make me feel at home but since their family doesn’t take competiveness as seriously as my family it just wasn’t the same. Before any race or game my parents would pump up their little athletes to win. The Baez kids are supposed to be winners. Our parents always instilled that “if you’re not first you’re last” mentality into us. Carla’s parents were more concerned with us having fun and being safe and all that nonsense. Finally the race officials began to gather the racers at the starting line, a dock which we all had to jump off of into the vast murky lane. The closer I got to that dock, the faster my heart Baez 2
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started beating, my palms were sweaty and my limbs felt like jelly, as I took the plunge into the freezing brown water. To top it off we don’t start the race as soon as we jump in, instead we had to tread water for a few minutes until the anticipated gun blast. Then once the dreaded nerve wrecking shot of the gun everyone take off and I was lost in the crazy chaotic pushy mass of tangled limbs and swim caps. Finally about five minutes into the chaos, the crowd starts to separate a little and you can swim at race speed all the way back to the dock. At freaking last I finished the swimming portion of the race. I reached the hill that lead to the transition area soaking wet, freezing, and exhausted. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish the rest of the race because the swimming had drained all of my motivation and energy. As I limped over to my bike I had the most random thought of seeing my baby brother Joey’s face in the line of spectators. “Great, I’m hallucinating” I thought to myself, first of all Joey and the rest of my family were at a soccer tournament, and second of all there was so much lake water in my eyes it could’ve been any brunette teen boy I was noticing. Right about the time I was shaking off this crazy feeling of familiarity and slipping on my helmet I noticed a neon pink sign in the crowd
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3 more instances - Sabrina Baez ENG 386 March 8, 2011 Three...

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