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how to clean better - Sabrina Baez ENG 481 March 1, 2011...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 481 March 1, 2011 How to Do Something Better How to Clean Better There is a stereotype that teenagers and young adults are these messy nasty people, and let’s face it they kind of are. It’s worse for college students; they have escaped from the confines of their nagging parents, and are free to live how they please. On those rare occasions that a college kid actually does clean up, i.e. when the rents come down for a visit, they initiate in what I like to call surface cleaning. This practice begins with the hiding of the beer, or any other illegal substance, somewhere that won’t be seen by the ever judging parental eye. An unused closet or the bathtub with the curtain drawn is your best bet. Then an old rag/t-shirt/ whatever you can find to wipe a surface, is used to push crumbs off from the tables and countertops onto the carpet where it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Things are then stacked up and pushed aside in order to fake the appearance of organization. In the bedroom, clothes are stuffed into drawers and closets regardless of if they’re clean or not. Random junk that does not have a designated place is shoved under the bed and covers and pillows are hastily thrown on the mattress, it is irrelevant whether you have been sleeping there or not. The bathroom can be
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how to clean better - Sabrina Baez ENG 481 March 1, 2011...

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