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Eng 347 paper #1 - old Elders telling the young ones...

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Sabrina Baez ENG 345 1/23/2012 Where I’m From I’m from a melting pot figuratively and literally. Different cultures collide in one crazy house. I’m from humidity and mosquitoes, rain and heat. I’m from concrete jungles and massive buildings. The bass of the crawling Cadillac’s will vibrate through your fingertips, it’s called screw music. Whites are the minority. Baggy pants, tattoos, and pregnant girls run rampant in the high school. Where I’m from there is always yelling either happy or mad. So many cousins all different. Food galore, Italian and South American. Rice and beans, lasagna and veal. I’m from old country traditions, Sambuca in your coffee and six course meals. I’m from Spanish speaking relatives, opening presents at midnight on Christmas Eve. Traditional Christmas fish dinner. Soccer playing on every TV, music blasting, dancing bodies young and
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Unformatted text preview: old. Elders telling the young ones, “life is too easy nowadays”. World War II stories of escaping Nazi occupied Italy. Drama. Fighting fiercely loving fiercely. Loyalty. Full of pride. Finding any reason for the family to get together and celebrate. Birthday parties, Communions, Graduations, Funerals. Stuffy Catholic mass. Headaches from the incense and boredom. Priest droning on, parents telling their children to “sit up straight and pay attention”. Finally receiving communion that secret taste of wine, best part of church. Sunday BBQs another family gathering. Busy schedules, soccer practice, track practice, school meetings always chaotic. Marathons, soccer tournaments, athleticism is required to be a part of the Baez clan. Where I’m From is Houston, TX....
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