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Physics 331, Fall 2011 Optics Laboratory Course Information Syllabus (PDF) Notebook and Report Writing (PDF) Lab Report Grading Standards (PDF) Overview of Experiments (PDF) Experiments Speed of Light Concave Diffraction Grating Fabry-Perot Interferometer Michelson Interferometer Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction Reflection from an Air-Dielectric Interface Faraday Rotation Holography Physics 331 Home Physics 331: Home 1/20/2012 1:21 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( )
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Instructor Prof. Xiaodong Xu Email: [email protected] Office: PAB B437 Office Hours: During the labs or by appointment. Telephone: 206-543-8444 Teaching Assistants Alexis Olsho (Fri. 1:30-4:30, Tue. 1:30-2:30) Office: B247 206-685-7421 [email protected] Grades Fabry-Perot, Faraday rotation Serkan Kasirga (Mon. 1:30-4:30, Wed. 1:30-2:30) Office: B308 [email protected] Grades Michelson, Holography Prashant Emani (Wed. 1:30-4:30, Fri 1:30-2:30) Office: B157 206-543-6949 [email protected] Grades Speed of light, Concave diffraction grating Devon Mortensen (Tue. 1:30-4:30, Mon. 1:30-2:30) Office: B235 206-685-2465 [email protected] Grades 1-D diffraction, Dielectric reflection Meeting Times and Locations Lecture: Room A118, 9:30-10:20, Tuesday Labs: Room B260 Section AD: 1:30-4:20, Monday Section AA: 1:30-4:20, Tuesday
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Physics 331_ Home - Physics 331 Home...

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