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Physics 331 Lab Report Grading standards Oct. 21, 2010 A maximum of 50 points will be allocated to each Lab Report. The written portion of report should be “typed” but numerical calculations may be done by hand. 1. 2 Points. Raw Data sheet . This should include units and the estimate of uncertainty. Name and date of data taking. 2. 6 Points. Diagram of apparatus (could be taken from class web page) and brief outline of procedure. Parameters should be defined. For example in SoL parameters would be A , B , D , focal lengths, rotation speed, and spot displacement. 3. 18 Points. Analysis section . This should include Graphs with axes labeled and a title or caption. Formulas: Refer to definitions of parameters given above.
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Unformatted text preview: Give reference to the source of formula or derivation if original. • Name of programs you used (include listing only if you wrote them or made major changes) • Uncertainty analysis (propagation of errors and discussion of sources of uncertainty) 4. 4 Points. Conclusions : Results, and comparisons with accepted values. 5. 2 Points. Abstract (about 5 lines). Very brief description of what was done, Results and their uncertainties, Comparison with accepted values 6. 18 Points. (14 Points for content; 4 Points for style) Written Portion : Purpose, underlying physics issues, methods, results, comparison Heading should include name, date, names of team members....
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