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Physics 1xx Laboratories - Web Assign Java Applets on WebAssign The Java applets on WebAssign are adapted from the Java PADs created by Scott Bonham at Western Kentucky University . They use a relatively old technology, based on Java version 1.1, which, in principle, should work on almost any system. This is evidently not true, since there have been reports of students not able to use the applets on their computers. If the Java applets are not working for you, try the following options: First, make sure that you have a current Java runtime installed on your computer, including the add-ons that will allow it to run under a browser. The latest Java runtime can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems at . After you download and install Java, you may need to restart your computer, and reload the webpage containing the applet. You may still discover that the applet does not work properly. This can happen if the browser or operating system does not recognize the version of Java that WebAssign delivers. The applets are believed to work on the following systems with the latest
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