Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory_ Frequently Asked Questions

Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory_ Frequently Asked Questions

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Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory Home Meeting Times/ Locations Lab Section/ T.A. Info WebAssign FAQs Course Structure Pre-Lab In-Class Post-Lab Due Dates Make-Up Work Grades Email policy Instructors Only Frequently Asked Questions about the 1xx Labs General Information How do I get into a lab section that is full? I need to change my section. What do I do? Who is my T.A. And what is his/her email address? When does my section meet and where is my lab room? I have lost something in a lab. Who do I talk to about lost and found? What do I need to bring to lab? Do I need protective clothing (lab coat, goggles, etc.) for the labs? Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory: Frequently Asked Questions 1/20/2012 1:06 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( )
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Make-up Labs What do I do if I miss a lab? What happens with the Post-Lab if I miss a lab session? Will I lose points? I attended a different lab section than the one I am registered for. Can I email my TA so that I get credit for the in-class part? I have a low or a zero score on a Post-Lab. Can I make the whole lab up, and redo the Post-lab? I missed a Post-Lab, but I did the In-Class session. Can I make-up just the Post-Lab? When is the make-up week? When and where can I sign up for a make-up lab? How many make-up sessions are there, and will there be a make-up session during my regular time? Where are the make-up labs held? Grades Who should I contact if I have a missing grade on my transcript (an X instead of a number grade)? I missed a lot of questions on the last assignment. How much will this affect my grade? I have a question about how WebAssign assigns grades. WebAssign I have never used WebAssign before. What should I do first? Accounts and payment Does WebAssign cost money? How much? How do I pay for Access? Can I use an access card that I bought at the bookstore? Can I have my parents billed? I bought a "lifetime access code". Can I use this for the labs? Why can't I use the access card from my textbook that I bought at the bookstore? I am sure that I have paid the fee. Can the professor help me get access to WebAssign? I had a WebAssign account last quarter. Do I need to renew it? Can I use a debit card instead of a credit card? My credit card was rejected by WebAssign, and I am past the 2 week grace period. What should I do? Course enrollment How does WebAssign know what course(s) I am taking? What happens to my work if I change sections? What happens to my work if I drop the course? Can I use it if I sign up for another term? Why does WebAssign show that I am registered for more than one section? Assignments and course administration Who creates the assignments?
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Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory_ Frequently Asked Questions

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