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Physics 1xx Laboratories_ Significant figures - Physics 1xx...

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Physics 1xx Laboratories - Web Assign Significant Figures on WebAssign How does sig figs checking work? Sig figs checking on a computer is very strict. Remember these rules regarding sig figs: The leftmost nonzero digit is the most significant digit. 1. If there is no decimal point, the rightmost nonzero digit is the least significant digit. 2. If there is a decimal point, the rightmost digit is the least significant digit, even if it is a 0. 3. All digits between the least and most significant digits are counted as significant. 4. When using scientific notation, enter the number using the "e" notation. For example, a value of 1.3×10 −2 would be entered in WebAssign as "1.3e-2". Note: The "e" must be lower case. Here are some examples: 1234 = 4 significant figures 5.0e2 = 2 significant figures 500 = 1 significant figure 140E-001 = 2 significant figures 500. = 3 significant figures 8.20000e3 = 6 significant figures 1300 = 2 significant figures 101.001e2 = 6 significant figures 2.000 = 4 significant figures 41003 = 5 significant figures To express a number like 1000 to 2 or 3 significant figures, you need to use scientific notation, for example, "1.00e3" would give you 3 significant figures. Do all numerical questions check significant figures? No. Much of the time, the questions that do check for sig figs show a little sig-fig icon (a 4.0 with a check-mark next to it). If you see this, then the sig figs are definitely checked. If you do not see it, they may be checked on the first submission, or not. It depends on the question coding. If my answer is marked wrong, is it because the significant figures are wrong? Mostly, no. Unless you actually see a red hint telling you that the significant figures are incorrect, then the reason for your answer being marked wrong has nothing to do with sig figs. What it means is that your submission is outside of the acceptable tolerance for being marked correct. In other words, you have a bigger problem than sig figs. Do not mess with the Physics 1xx Laboratories: Significant figures 1/20/2012 1:11 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( )
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Physics 1xx Laboratories_ Significant figures - Physics 1xx...

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