Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab_ Course structure

Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab_ Course structure -...

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Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab Home Meeting Times/ Locations Lab Section/ T.A. Info WebAssign FAQs Course Structure Pre-Lab In-Class Post-Lab Due Dates Make-Up Work Grades Email policy Instructors Only Course Structure There are three parts to the lab course: (1) the online pre-lab, (2) the in-class experiment, and (3) the online post-lab. All three parts are required and contribute to your final lab grade. Online Pre-Lab The pre-lab, worth 2 points, is designed to give you some experience thinking about the physics theory that the experiment will study. To complete it, you will log on to your WebAssign account and first read the PDF tutorial that you can download from there. Then you will work the WebAssign problem sets that come with the pre-lab. These problem sets will give you some practice with lab calculations and related theoretical topics. If you have been keeping up with the reading in the lecture part of the course, the pre-lab should take about 45 minutes to complete. Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab: Course structure 1/20/2012 1:12 PM You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( )
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In-class Experiment The in-class experiment is worth 3 points. When you come to your lab section, you should bring the
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Physics 119 Waves & Optics Lab_ Course structure -...

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