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Quiz2 - Physics 3123(Spring 2011 2nd Quiz 1 Calculate the...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 3123 (Spring 2011), 2nd Quiz 4/8/11 1. Calculate the reflection coefficient for light at an air-to-copper interface (µair ≈ µcopper ≈ µ0 , ǫair ≈ ǫ0 , σcopper = 6.0 × 107 Ω−1 m−1 ) at optical frequencies (ω = 4 × 1015 /s). Use that σcopper ≫ εcopperω . The numerical result is not required; you may give your answer in terms of the quantities that are given above. (30 points) 2. Find the gradient of the scalar, retarded potential V (r, t) of a general charge distribution ρ in terms of integrals involving ρ and its time derivative ρ. (30 points) ˙ 3. Consider a point charge that moves with a constant velocity v along the positive x-axis of a cartesian coordinate system. At time t = 0 the charge is located at the origin r = 0 of the coordinate system. Find the scalar Li´nard-Wiechert potential V (0, t) and the electric field E(0, t) produced e by the charge at the origin at times t > 0. (40 points) 1 ...
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