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Syllabus - 7 Potential Formulation Gauge Transformations...

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Physics 3123, Electro&Magnetostatics, Spring 2011 Instructor : Markus Kindermann, Rm. C203 Email: [email protected] Office hours : by appointment Class TAs : Adam Kamor, Rm W503, [email protected] Laminack, William, [email protected] Office hours (for HW-related questions): TBA Class textbook: Introduction to Electrodynamics , third Edition, D.J. Griffiths Tentative Course outline: 1. Ohm's Law; Faraday's Law 2. Mutual and self inductance 3. Maxwell's Equations in vacuum and matter 4. Energy and momentum in electromagnetic fields 5. Electromagnetic waves in vacuum and matter 6. Polarization; Reflection and Transmission; Absorption & Dispersion
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Potential Formulation; Gauge Transformations; Retarded potentials 8. Radiation from a stationary dipole 9. Radiation from moving charges Evaluation:- Homework, due every Friday (30%) - 2 quizzes (40%) - final exam (30%) Notes: 1. Homework assignments will be posted on T-square and are due at the beginning of class (typically Friday). 2. Students are encouraged to work and discuss problems together, but written work must be your own. 3. Please read the Academic Honor Code: http://www.deanofstudents.gatech.edu/Honor/ 4. All grades will be posted on T-square. Please check their accuracy periodically....
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