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Chapter 11 notes

Chapter 11 notes - Chapter 11 Teams and Teamwork Work...

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Chapter 11: Teams and Teamwork Work groups become teams when: 1) Leadership becomes a shared activity. 2) Accountability shifts from strictly individual to both individual and collective. 3) The group develops its own purpose or mission. 4) Problem solving becomes a way of life, not a part-time activity. 4) Effectiveness is measured by the group’s collective outcomes and products. Four General Types of Teams: Advice: Low deg of tech spec, Low deg of coord with others. Production: Low deg of tech spec, High deg of coord with others. Project: Action : High deg of tech spec, High deg of coord with others. How Strong are your Teamwork Competencies : 1) Orients Team to Problem-Solving Situation. 2) Organizes and Manages Team Performance. 3) Promotes a Positive Team Environment. 4) Facilitates and Manages Task Conflict. 6) Appropriately Promotes Perspective. Characteristics of Effective Teamwork:
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