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Quantum Mechanics II, Physics 4143: Assignment 7, Spring 2011. Degenerate perturbation theory examples. 1 : Griffiths’ Problem 6.7 This is similar to the problem we discussed in class, i.e., motion on a circle, but with a different perturbation. 2 : Griffiths’ Problem 6.9 We discussed the physics of this problem in class. Now fill in the details.
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Unformatted text preview: 3 : Griffiths’ Problem 6.14 Relativistic corrections to the harmonic oscillator. More practice with ˆ a and ˆ a † . 4 : Griffiths’ Problem 6.21 The weak-field Zeeman effect. (Better known as the anomalous Zeeman effect although it is the most common case encountered with typical laboratory magnetic fields.) 1...
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