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Chapter 5 Numerical Methods in Heat Conduction 5-116 A large 1-m deep pond is initially at a uniform temperature of 15 ° C throughout. Solar energy is incident on the pond surface at 45 ° at an average rate of 500 W/m 2 for a period of 4 h The temperature distribution in the pond under the most favorable conditions is to be determined. Assumptions 1 Heat transfer is one-dimensional since the pond is large relative to its depth. 2 Thermal properties, heat transfer coefficients, and the indoor temperatures are constant. 3 Radiation heat transfer is significant. 4 There are no convection currents in the water. 5 The given time step Δ t = 15 min is less than the critical time step so that the stability criteria is satisfied. 6 All heat losses from the pond are negligible. 7 Heat generation due to absorption of radiation is uniform in each layer. Properties The conductivity and diffusivity are given to be k = 0.61 W/m. ° C and he volumetric absorption coefficients of water are as given in the problem.
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