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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Convection 6-25C Turbulent thermal conductivity k t is caused by turbulent eddies, and it accounts for thermal energy transport by turbulent eddies. It is expressed as y T k T v C q t p t ∂ ∂ − = ′ ′ = ρ & where T ′ is the eddy temperature relative to the mean value, and T v C q p t ′ ′ = ρ & the rate of thermal energy transport by turbulent eddies. Convection Equations and Similarity Solutions 6-26C A curved surface can be treated as a flat surface if there is no flow separation and the curvature effects are negligible. 6-27C The continuity equation for steady two-dimensional flow is expressed as = ∂ ∂ + ∂ ∂ y v x u . When multiplied by density, the first and the second terms represent net mass fluxes in the x and y directions, respectively. 6-28C Steady simply means no change with time at a specified location (and thus ), but the value of a quantity may change from one location to another (and thus / = ∂ ∂ t u x u ∂ ∂ / and...
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