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Thermodynamics HW Solutions 517

Thermodynamics HW Solutions 517 - 6-36C For steady laminar...

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Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Convection 6-35C A major advantage of nondimensionalizing the convection equations is the significant reduction in the number of parameters [the original problem involves 6 parameters ( L, V , T , T s , ν , α ), but the nondimensionalized problem involves just 2 parameters (Re L and Pr)]. Nondimensionalization also results in similarity parameters (such as Reynolds and Prandtl numbers) that enable us to group the results of a large number of experiments and to report them conveniently in terms of such parameters.
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Unformatted text preview: 6-36C For steady, laminar, two-dimensional, incompressible flow with constant properties and a Prandtl number of unity and a given geometry, yes, it is correct to say that both the average friction and heat transfer coefficients depend on the Reynolds number only since ) (Re 4 L f f C = and from non-dimensionalized momentum and energy equations. Pr) , (Re Nu 3 L g = 6-6...
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