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Chapter 7 External Forced Convection Special Topic: Thermal Insulation 7-73C Thermal insulation is a material that is used primarily to provide resistance to heat flow. It differs from other kinds of insulators in that the purpose of an electrical insulator is to halt the flow of electric current, and the purpose of a sound insulator is to slow down the propagation of sound waves. 7-74C In cold surfaces such as chilled water lines, refrigerated trucks, and air conditioning ducts, insulation saves energy since the source of “coldness” is refrigeration that requires energy input. In this case heat is transferred from the surroundings to the cold surfaces, and the refrigeration unit must now work harder and longer to make up for this heat gain and thus it must consume more electrical energy. 7-75C The R -value of insulation is the thermal resistance of the insulating material per unit surface area . For
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