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NAME:____“ Solutions” ___ P221 Background Survey—(Spring 2007) 1. What is your major? Lots of Biologists, biochemists and chemists, with a sprinkling of other majors. 2. Did you take a physics course in high school? Only about a quarter of you have seen physics before, so don’t be worried if you haven’t, you’re not alone!! 3. Have you previously taken M211 (or an equivalent calculus course)? Only 5 of you are taking M211 concurrently, everyone else has completed calc I. 4. What do you expect to lean from this course? I expect to teach the basics of physics, and provide some useful practice at abstract thinking, the practical application of mathematics, and logical reasoning. 5. What do you hope to do with the knowledge that you get from this class? 6. What do you expect the lectures to provide? The lectures should provide you with guidance on attacking problems, and some highlight some common problems students have. I will try to provide a different perspective on things than the book where appropriate. The primary purpose of the
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P221_Survey_solutions - NAME:_Solutions_ P221 Background...

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