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Physics 580 Handout 3 24 August 2010 Quantum Mechanics I webusers.physics.illinois.edu/ goldbart/ Books on Reserve Prof. P. M. Goldbart University of Illinois The following books are On Reserve for Physics 580 at Grainger Library ( * = recommended): * Baym, G. A. Lectures on QM 530.12.B34 1973 Bohm, D. Quantum Theory 539.1.B634q 1952 Dirac, P. A. M. Principles of QM 539.1.D62p 1967 Gottfried, K. + QM: Fundamentals 530.12G71q Merzbacher, E. QM 530.12M55q 1970 Messiah, A. QM vols. I and II 530.12M56MET v1,2 * Sakurai, J. Modern QM 530.12Sa2m * Shankar, R. Principles of QM 530.12.Sh18p The following books in the Grainger Library collection may be of interest to you: Bell, J. S. Speakable and Unspeakable in QM 530.12 B413S Bethe, H. QM of 1 and 2 Electron Atoms 539.B46q 1977 Bjorken, J. + Relativistic QM 530.12B55r Bouwmeister, D. + Physics of Quantum Information 004.1 P569 Cohen-Tannoudji, C. + QM vols I and II 530.12.C66mEh v1,2 Feynman, R. P. Lectures on Physics III
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Unformatted text preview: 530.F.438f v3 Feynman, R. P. + QM and Path Integrals 530.12F.43q Gasiorowicz, S. Quantum Physics 530.12.G21q Goldstein, H. Classical Mechanics 531.597c 1980 Goswami, A. QM 530.12.G699q Jordan, T. Linear Operators 530.12J75 Landau, L. D. + Mechanics 530.OIL23mEES 1976 Landau, L. D. + QM: Nonrelativistic Theory 530.12L231qES 1977 Landsho, P. + Simple Quantum Physics 530.12.L239s Matthews, P. T. Introduction to QM 539.M431i 1974 Mathews, J. + Math. Methods of Physics 510.2453.M42m Nielsen, M. + Quantum Computation and. . . 511.8 N554q Park, D. Intro. to the Quantum Theory 530.12.P21i Peres, A. Quantum Theory: Concepts and. . . 530.12 P415Q Roman, P. Advanced Quantum Theory 530.12R66a Sakurai, J. Advanced QM 530.12Sa2a 1973 Saxon, D. Elementary QM 530.12.Sa 1968 Schi, L. Quantum Mechanics 539.1Sch3q 1968 Ziman, J. Elements of Advanced QT 530.12Z6EE 1...
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