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Physics 580 Handout 3 24 August 2010 Quantum Mechanics I webusers.physics.illinois.edu/ goldbart/ Books on Reserve Prof. P. M. Goldbart University of Illinois The following books are On Reserve for Physics 580 at Grainger Library ( * = recommended): * Baym, G. A. Lectures on QM 530.12.B34 1973 Bohm, D. Quantum Theory 539.1.B634q 1952 Dirac, P. A. M. Principles of QM 539.1.D62p 1967 Gottfried, K. + QM: Fundamentals 530.12G71q Merzbacher, E. QM 530.12M55q 1970 Messiah, A. QM vols. I and II 530.12M56MET v1,2 * Sakurai, J. Modern QM 530.12Sa2m * Shankar, R. Principles of QM 530.12.Sh18p The following books in the Grainger Library collection may be of interest to you: Bell, J. S. Speakable and Unspeakable in QM 530.12 B413S Bethe, H. QM of 1 and 2 Electron Atoms 539.B46q 1977 Bjorken, J. + Relativistic QM 530.12B55r Bouwmeister, D. + Physics of Quantum Information 004.1 P569 Cohen-Tannoudji, C. + QM vols I and II 530.12.C66mEh v1,2 Feynman, R. P. Lectures on Physics III
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Unformatted text preview: 530.F.438f ℓ v3 Feynman, R. P. + QM and Path Integrals 530.12F.43q Gasiorowicz, S. Quantum Physics 530.12.G21q Goldstein, H. Classical Mechanics 531.597c 1980 Goswami, A. QM 530.12.G699q Jordan, T. Linear Operators 530.12J75 ℓ Landau, L. D. + Mechanics 530.OIL23mEES 1976 Landau, L. D. + QM: Nonrelativistic Theory 530.12L231qES 1977 Landshoff, P. + Simple Quantum Physics 530.12.L239s Matthews, P. T. Introduction to QM 539.M431i 1974 Mathews, J. + Math. Methods of Physics 510.2453.M42m Nielsen, M. + Quantum Computation and. . . 511.8 N554q Park, D. Intro. to the Quantum Theory 530.12.P21i Peres, A. Quantum Theory: Concepts and. . . 530.12 P415Q Roman, P. Advanced Quantum Theory 530.12R66a Sakurai, J. Advanced QM 530.12Sa2a 1973 Saxon, D. Elementary QM 530.12.Sa 1968 ℓ Schiff, L. Quantum Mechanics 539.1Sch3q 1968 Ziman, J. Elements of Advanced QT 530.12Z6EE 1...
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