OB Notes - ESSAY Q 1 2 ADVANTAGES 1 Diversity is valuable...

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ESSAY Q 1 2 ADVANTAGES: 1. Diversity is valuable because it increases the amount of creativity With a heterogenous group, there are different backgrounds, different education levels, different perspectives – people will all bring different POVs and opinions to the table 2. Diversity enhances problem solving The divergence of viewpoints makes for complex thinking and weighing out the different ideas that are presented more thorough If the group was homogenous, there wouldn’t be debate – now they have to think about the issue more thoroughly to reach a decision based on different viewpoints The constructive conflict and debate leads to higher level outcomes 3 DISADVANTAGES 1. Diversity causes social divisions Self-Categorization Theory: Members of heterogeneous groups are more likely to categorize themselves and others in terms of demographic characteristics As minority groups increase in size, they are perceived as a threat to the majority group 2. Higher levels of absenteeism Diversity in tenure leads to less group cohesion If the group is homogenous in tenure, everyone started at the same time and has the same level of understanding The heterogenous group makes it more difficult to communicate, higher rate of turnover Those farthest from the average age of entry are most likely to leave 3. Increased hostility and discrimination Similarity-attraction theory means that people tend to be attracted to those that they believe have the same attitudes, values, beliefs as themselves Also applies to surface level attributes Members of culturally diverse groups are less likely to like each other difficulty communicating
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QUESTION 3: 1. The leader of the group should assign role of “critical evaluator” to members of the group a. This reduces group think by forcing them to assess the issue b. This forces the open discussion of objections and doubts because you force people to evaluate the pros and cons instead of just letting them claim to agree with the proposal c. Increases likelihood of criticism 2. There should be outside experts brought in to sit in on several meetings a. The outside expert will challenge the views of the group b. Will bring their own input since they aren’t a member of the group and only come in on a staggered basis c. This expert has no affiliation wth the group so will just be an onlooker 3. One group member should always be assigned to play devil’s advoate
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OB Notes - ESSAY Q 1 2 ADVANTAGES 1 Diversity is valuable...

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