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hbs5(1) - than O 1 time for copying In addition we want to...

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CS 473 HBS 5 Spring 2009 CS 473: Undergraduate Algorithms, Spring 2009 HBS 5 1. Recall that the staircase of a set of points consists of the points with no other point both above and to the right. Describe a method to maintain the staircase as new points are added to the set. Specifically, describe and analyze a data structure that stores the staircase of a set of points, and an algorithm INSERT ( x , y ) that adds the point ( x , y ) to the set and returns TRUE or FALSE to indicate whether the staircase has changed. Your data structure should use O ( n ) space, and your INSERT algorithm should run in O ( log n ) amortized time. 2. In some applications, we do not know in advance how much space we will require. So, we start the program by allocating a (dynamic) table of some fixed size. Later, as new objects are inserted, we may have to allocate a larger table and copy the previous table to it. So, we may need more
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Unformatted text preview: than O ( 1 ) time for copying. In addition, we want to keep the table size small enough, avoiding a very large table to keep only few items. One way to manage a dynamic table is by the following rules: (a) Double the size of the table if an item is inserted into a full table (b) Halve the table size if a deletion causes the table to become less than 1 / 4 full Show that, in such a dynamic table we only need O ( 1 ) amortized time, per operation. 3. Consider a stack data structure with the following operations: • PUSH( x ): adds the element x to the top of the stack • POP: removes and returns the element that is currently on top of the stack (if the stack is non-empty) • SEARCH( x ): repeatedly removes the element on top of the stack until x is found or the stack becomes empty What is the amortized cost of an operation? 1...
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