hw0(12) - CS 473g Algorithms Fall 2007 Homework 0 due...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 473g: Algorithms, Fall 2007 Homework 0, due September 2, 23:59:59, 2009 Name: Net ID: Alias: Neatly print your name (first name first, with no comma), your network ID, and a short alias into the boxes above. Do not sign your name. Do not write your Social Security number. Staple this sheet of paper to the top of your homework. Grades will be listed on the course web site by alias give us, so your alias should not resemble your name or your Net ID. If you don’t give yourself an alias, we’ll give you one that you won’t like. This homework tests your familiarity with the prerequisite material from CS 173, CS 225, and CS 273—many of these problems have appeared on homeworks or exams in those classes—primarily to help you identify gaps in your knowledge. You are responsible for filling those gaps on your own. Chapters 1–6 of CLR should be sufficient review, but you may want to consult other texts as well. Before you do anything else, read the Homework Instructions and FAQ on the CS 473g course web page ( http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/class/fa09/cs573/faq.html ), and then check the box below. This web page gives instructions on how to write and submit homeworks—staple your solutions together in order, write your name and netID on every page, don’t turn in source code, analyze everything, use good English and good logic, and so forth. I have read the CS 473g Homework Instructions and FAQ....
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hw0(12) - CS 473g Algorithms Fall 2007 Homework 0 due...

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