hw1(11) - CS CS 473g Algorithms Fall 2007 Homework 1(due...

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CS CS 473g: Algorithms, Fall 2007 Homework 1 (due Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 11:59.99 p.m.) Version 1.04 Name: Net ID: Alias: Name: Net ID: Alias: # Score Grader 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Total Neatly print your name(s), NetID(s), and the alias(es) you used for Homework 0 in the boxes above. Staple this sheet to the top of your homework. If you are on campus, submit the homework by submitting it in SC 3306 (or sliding it under the door). Note: You will be held accountable for the appropriate responses for answers (e.g. give models, proofs, analysis, etc). For NP-Complete problems you should prove everything rigorously, i.e. for showing that it is in NP , give a description of a certificate and a polynomial time algorithm to verify it, and for showing problems are NP-Hard , you must show that your reduction is polynomial time (by similarly proving something about the algorithm that does the transformation) and proving both directions of the ‘if and only if’ (a solution of one is a solution of the other) of the many-one reduction.
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Only of myself I know how to tell, my world is as narrow as an ant’s. like an ant too my burden I carry, too great and heavy for my frail shoulder. My way too - like the ant’s to the treetop - is a way of pain and toil; a gigantic hand, assured and malicious, a mocking hand hinders All my paths are made bleak and tearful by the constant dread of this giant hand. Why do you call to me, wondrous shores?
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hw1(11) - CS CS 473g Algorithms Fall 2007 Homework 1(due...

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