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Question 4 - Question 4 FIVE PRODUCTS 1 the group limits...

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Question 4 FIVE PRODUCTS: 1. the group limits its discussions to a few alternative courses of action, without an initial survey of all alternatives that might be worthy of consideration SYMPTOM: Self-Censorship – people in the group keep quiet when they have objections and avoid deviating from the consensus. Even convince themselves that their doubts are not really important 2. the group fails to reexamine the course of action initially preferred by the majority after they learn of risks and drawbacks they had not considered originally SYMPTOM: Rationale – group members construct rationalizations in order to discount negative feedback that might lead group members to reconsider their assumptions each time they recommit themselves to past decisions 3. the members spend little or no time discussing whether there are non obvious gains they may have overlooked or ways of reducing the seemingly prohibitive costs that made rejected alternatives appear undesirable to them SYMPTOM: SYMPTOM: invulnerability – groups have the sense of invulnerability
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