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THE CHIEF GENEALOGIES OF GREEK COSMOGONY ACCORDING TO HESIOD’S THEOGONY 1. Descendants of Chaos : Gaia (Earth) Tartarus (Underworld) Eros (Desire) Erebus (Darkness in Tartarus) Night Descendants of Erebus and Night: Aether (Upper Air), Day 2. Descendants of Gaia : Uranus (Sky) Sea Mountains 3. Children of Gaia and Uranus : 12 Titans (see below) 6 Monsters: 3 Hundredhanders, 3 Cyclopes The Most Important Titans : Oceanus (Ocean) Tethys (a sea goddess) Hyperion (oldest sun god); his son: Helius (later sun god)
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Unformatted text preview: Iapetus; his sons: Prometheus (“Forethought”), Epimetheus (Hindsight”), Atlas Rhea (an earth goddess) Themis (“Law”) Mnemosyne (“Memory”) Cronus (the youngest) Note: Son of Prometheus: Deucalion; son of Deucalion (with his wife Pyrrha): Hellen (ancestor of the Hellenes = Greeks) 4. Children of Cronus and Rhea : Hestia (“Hearth”) Demeter (“People’s Mother”) Hera (“Lady, Mistress”) Hades Poseidon Zeus (youngest)...
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