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Cenozoic Life - Cenozoic Life Cenozoic EVIDENCE FOR...

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4/22/11 1 Cenozoic Life Cenozoic EVIDENCE FOR CENOZOIC CLIMATE CHANGE… • Remember in the Cretaceous, climates were much warmer than today. • Although the oceans and atmosphere are affected by the K/T boundary the climate soon returned to its greenhouse state in the Paleocene. • Eocene rocks show fossils of palms and cycads at 60°N, alligators lived at 77°N. • Beginning of the Eocene was marked by a major warming event. • Why? Change in oceanic circulation. • The Late Eocene and Oligocene the earth climate had dropped >10°C. • Earth went from hothouse ocean to icebox ocean. Close to home! Calvert Cliffs
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2 • 35-40myr the earth began to experience a steady temperature decline until a critical threshold has reached and ice caps began to form and grow. • Glaciation began on both poles in the middle Cenozoic. • Oligocene and Miocene fossils suggests cooling temperatures. • IRD was first found in the Cenozoic from Miocene aged sediments. • The Arctic ocean has been mainly ice covered for the past 15myr. Plankton O-18 evidence for cooling Benthic foraminifera Nummulitid foraminifera
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Cenozoic Life - Cenozoic Life Cenozoic EVIDENCE FOR...

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