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Part 1: 140 million civilian workforce 26% (36 million) Part time workers 10% (14 million) self-employed 1.5% (2.2 million) temporary workers 9.1% (14 million) unemployed 43% (6 million) of unemployed are long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) 17% (24 million) underemployed Estimated 3 million unfilled jobs! Key driver – skills mismatch. Latest job report – disappointing results: link=MW_latest_news# Jobs Forecast http :// Technology changing where, how, and when work gets done. Eliminating low-skilled work and increasing the skills and complexity of professional jobs. Globalization of the economy increasing competition for businesses and jobs. Changing demographics significantly impacting labor market trends New employment contract: replace promise of employment with promise of employability. Creative destruction – eliminating old industries and creating new ones
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Unformatted text preview: Requires many employees to be computer literate Increases the need for speed and efficiencies Increases the complexity of work Enables virtual workforcetelecommuting, videoconferencing, e-mail Years to research an audience of 50 million : Radio 38 TV 13 Internet 4 Ipod 3 Facebook - 2 Centers for economic activity are shifting globally and regionally Expanding and changing consumer landscape The battlefield for talent shifting Role and behavior of big business under sharp scrutiny Growing demand for natural resources Emerging new global industry structures Asia (excluding Japan) accounts for 13% of world GDP, while Western Europe accounts for 30%. Within the next 20 years the two will nearly converge. Some industries and functionsmanufacturing and IT services, for examplewill shift even more dramatically....
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